Charlotte North Carolina Things To Do

Charlotte North Carolina is home to some amazing activities and attractions, some of which are even free! There's a weekend every Friday to get some thrills - for kids, adults and kids alike in North Charlotte. You can also enjoy weekly complimentary nights at the Charlotte Natural History Museum and visit a variety of other Charlotte, NC attractions and events, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a beautiful natural park that is free to the public. Located on the shores of Lake Wylie, it is a great place to do things in North Charlotte, NC. Also worth a visit is the Charlotte Museum of Natural History, a popular tourist attraction in the city of Charlotte.

This is one of the best places to visit if you want to support the local food community and local businesses in North Charlotte.

What to do in the Queen City: Free and cheap activities in North Carolina and fun places to go with the kids. Let yourself be surprised by some of the best places in Charlotte to spend a fun day with your children in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Charlotte.

The beautiful city of Charlotte will captivate you with its many attractions and you will not be short of activities in Charlotte at the weekend, whether you want to spend a day trip, a weekend trip or just a fun day out with the family. The best things to do in North Carolina on a convenient day in Queen City: Free and inexpensive activities in NC, Charlotte, NC and some of the cheapest things to do in NC today. Charlotte's most popular neighborhood is one of the best places to go and do a weekend.

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If you're deciding where to spend your next vacation, you should put Charlotte, North Carolina, on your list. If you're planning a vacation around an event, browse our list of events to find all the activities you can do in North Carolina this weekend.

We have mentioned that NASCAR has taken a foothold in the area, but there are many other sports to explore in and around Charlotte, as well as a host of other events and activities.

Charlotte is a thriving business hub and home to several professional sports teams, including the Carolina Panthers, who play in the NFL, the Charlotte Hornets, who play in the NBA, and the Carolina Hurricanes, who play in the NHL. Other fun activities for couples in Charlotte, NC include bowling at 10 Park Lanes, exploring shopping and dining options at the EpiCentre, attending a Murder Mystery Dinner Party, or attending one of the many concerts and events in the area such as the annual Charlotte Music and Arts Festival. Entertainment activities in and around Charlotte at night include a variety of music and performing venues, as well as a variety of restaurants, bars, restaurants and bars.

For more fun for all ages, check out our list of the best - as the funniest things to do in Charlotte, NC. Other popular area attractions include the Reed Touring Gold Mine, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Charlotte Polks Polk Park.

There are many other accessible and fun things to learn in Charlotte during your stay. Visit these attractions while the city of Charlotte, North Carolina hosts events such as the Travel Media Showcase 2017. There are many fun weekend getaways to do around Charlotte in the summer months to experience much of what this city has to offer.

Join the Taste of Carolina Gourmet Food Tour, which is one of the best activities in Charlotte every weekend this year. There are many other things you and your children can do in and around Charlotte and the surrounding area so that your family will definitely find something to fill your weekend.

If you want to add an extra attraction to your weekend trip to Charlotte, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is a must - do it. You can also visit it alone or with your family if you are in Charlotte outside the regular racing season.

If you want to have some fun with your children in Charlotte, check out Discovery Place Charlotte. It shows the enormous natural resources of Piedmont and offers a lot of fun. We actually learned a lot at Discovery Place Science, and it's easy to see why it's one of the most popular fun programs in North Carolina.

The 93-acre park in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers free movies and music performances in the park's pavilions during the summer season. You can add activities for the whole family for free, and there are countless outdoor activities that are easy for those on a low budget. There is plenty to do in and around Charlotte and Charlotte - Mecklenburg, but this is one of the best places to behave for children and adults alike.

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