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Charlotte-area malls, including Concord Mills and SouthPark, are set to reopen as North Carolina prepares to enter a new era of shopping with the opening of Carolina Place Mall in Charlotte, NC. The mall is the largest mall in the Charlotte area and the first of its kind in South Carolina. Located on the corner of North Charlotte Boulevard and North Main Street, Carolina Place has more than 100,000 square feet of retail space. Anchor stores include Macy's, Nordstrom, Sears, Kmart, Macy's and Target, as well as a variety of specialty stores and restaurants.

If you want to buy one of - one kind of vintage and antiques, head to Carolina Place to find some of the best vintage furniture and antiques in North Carolina. Brands that you'll find here include Old Navy, Sears, Kmart, Macy's, Nordstrom and Target, as well as a variety of specialty stores and restaurants. Go to Slate for mid-century furniture and decor, try Slate and think back to the early 20th century with a look at the latest trends in furniture, accessories and home decor.

Here you will find some of the best vintage furniture and antiques in North Carolina, as well as a variety of specialty stores and restaurants.

Tucked away in the Arrowwood light rail station, this modest store promises the best that can happen to savers in North Carolina, as well as a wide selection of vintage furniture and antiques.

In addition to the retail fix, visitors can enjoy unique entertainment options including Concord Mills, which offers go-go bowling, monster truck driving and other fun activities, as well as a variety of food and beverages. The stores affiliated with Carolina Place Mall range from American Girl and Crate & Barrel with a wide selection of clothing, accessories, home accessories and accessories. The area also has a number of specialty stores, including Dillard's, Home Depot, Target and Walmart. Carolina Square The mall also features many unique shops, including the North Carolina Museum of Natural History and the UNC - Chapel Hill Building.

The shopping centre offers a wide range of dining options, including a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as a wide range of food. Retail - Attractive restaurants like Think Apricot Lane (see the new restaurant of the restaurant chain Flying Dog at Carolina Place Mall) draw crowds to the South Charlotte venue.

If you want to treat yourself to lunch, you'll quickly appreciate the variety of options in this exciting little gem located not too far from the main shopping street of downtown Charlotte. A mix of traditional retailers and outlet stores makes Carolina Place Mall a popular year-round destination. The shopping center's developed environment offers additional opportunities for buyers, and the fact that the area is located in the heart of the city, just a short drive from Charlotte International Airport, gives you the opportunity to find out what's on your wish list and what options are available.

There is also a flagship store, Society Social, known for its clothing and accessories line "Made in North Carolina." RiverGate is a convenient shopping destination that offers a mix of traditional retailers and outlet stores, as well as a variety of specialty stores and restaurants.

The mall's anchor stores include Anthropologie, Apple, MontBlanc and Origins, which are among the specialty stores. The mall offers a mix of more local brands and specialty stores, some of which are more oriented toward local brands, while others are more focused on national brands.

StoneCrest Piper Glen redefined the selection, with anchor shops, boutiques and restaurants that appeal to everyone. The European-style shopping centre offers a home away from home - an oasis of furnishings with a wide selection of outdoor seating, restaurants and outdoor entertainment.

Huntersville Shopping has a variety of options whether you are looking for designer items or the latest fashion trends. The mall is a tenant of numerous brands and outlets, including Burlington, Marshalls, Old Navy and ULTA, as well as a wide range of restaurants and bars. A quick look at the shopping list on the Huntersville Shopping Centre website gives an excellent overview of the various options.

The upscale mall is full of specialty stores and retail chains, but the Lake Norman area has a tempting restaurant and cinema, as well as a must-see shopping experience.

If you're running errands nearby in the afternoon, visit some of Charlotte's most popular shopping destinations, such as the North Carolina State Fair and Charlotte Convention Center. Visit the Charlotte neighborhoods for nightlife and don't miss out on one of the many restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the city, as well as shopping and dining options.

This discount shopping centre has over 200 shops, including unique speciality shops, ranging from women's clothing to sports goods and jewellery. Visit Park Road, where this self-proclaimed savvy mail order shop offers brands such as Calvin Klein, Levi's, Calvin & Hobbes and many more.

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