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When we focus on food in North Carolina, many of us want to have a barbecue, donuts, fried chicken and sometimes (don't judge us, we don't judge you!). If you're looking for something different, something different from your typical grill or donut restaurant, Charlotte has plenty of restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Whether it's comfort food or something more exotic, you can be sure you're looking for a delicious meal at one of Charlotte's most popular restaurants.

This guide will give you a taste of international Charlotte and help you decide where to eat in Charlotte. In this article, we will first detail some of our favorite restaurants in the Charlotte area, followed by a section on healthy eating habits. Here is a list of the restaurants in North Carolina that you can list, from the most popular to the obscure. Start in Uptown, meander into the South End, head to NoDa or head into downtown Charlotte for a quick lunch or dinner.

Before you leave Queen City, take your taste buds to France by visiting La Belle Helene, which serves authentic brasserie - hearty fare in the style of a room that powerfully evokes the City of Lights and the heart of the Uptown. Housed in the former French Embassy in downtown Charlotte, this place has long been a mainstay of the city's gastronomy, serving typical dishes such as grilled New Zealand elk chops as a seasonal side dish.

The restaurant is dedicated to sourcing local ingredients and has achieved excellent results. The mushroom toast ($13), for example, uses mushrooms eaten in North Carolina and ground at Farm Sparrow Mill in Asheville.

NoDA's mill culture is celebrated with bar stools made from industrial oils and denim seat covers made at a North Carolina factory. It is infused with the same skill and passion that has been a decades-old tradition that began at this Chapel Hill institution.

Plaza Midwood is the restaurant's flagship location, but it also has locations in Charlotte, including the Ballantyne Park Road Shopping Center. We reached out to take a look at the hotel, which includes a full service restaurant, bar and restaurant, as well as an outdoor terrace. The restaurant has three locations in Charlotte: a restaurant and bar in downtown Charlotte, a downtown hotel and a second location in Chapel Hill.

There are also excellent starters, such as the seared North Carolina mountain trout, but always room for a rib rack and cooked peanuts. If you stop by the restaurant on the second floor of Plaza Midwood, just across the street from the hotel, there's a hint for anyone with a traditional side: pulled pork, pork ribs, gravy ribs or pork chops. There is also a standing entree, where you can cut off the mountain trout for $20 from the North Carolinians.

Bruce Moffett's third restaurant on the list offers the chance to eat Italian food in a way Charlotte has not seen since arriving. The dogwood menu includes delicious dishes such as chicken with sunburn, pork ribs and pork belly. Here you will find dishes inspired by the food of the Mississippi Valley, such as smoked Gulf prawns and Mississippi River chicken. The James Beard - nominated Chef's Table, his forthcoming book about his experiences as a chef, is published next month.

There are Pho houses and Vietnamese restaurants throughout Charlotte, but this one has one of the most unique offerings of restaurants in town, and not just in Charlotte. Vietnamese sandwiches, served in a small kitchen in front of an open kitchen with a large outdoor terrace area, are as close as you can get from a hidden place in San Francisco or New York.

Asbury's emphasizes Southern cuisine with creativity and attention to detail and is a delightful place to eat at any meal in Charlotte. From mouth-melting pork cheeks to pumpkin pie dinners, Asbery's offers a wonderful dining experience served in a small kitchen with open kitchen facing a large outdoor terrace and with a great view of the Charlotte skyline.

Owners Tim Chun and Lisa Kamura opened Seoul Food with Korean-inspired South Korean grilled specialties, but then had the pork belly cooked in front of them. Since then, dozens of other restaurants in Charlotte have adopted the small plate approach to dining, but none have done so. Serbian dishes, not found anywhere else in Charlotte, come here. This cosy neighborhood restaurant has a chewy, doughy pizza that shines through, and it's one of the best pizza places in town.

If you prefer a shiny new place, check out some of the best new restaurants in Charlotte, but they must be open for at least six months. Here's the Agenda Guide, which includes a list of our new favorite places in the Charlotte North Carolina restaurant scene, as well as a guide to the best restaurants in the city.

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