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Charlotte, N.C., has thousands of homes for sale, according to real estate exchange company. The Charlotte housing market is a seller's real estate market, meaning there are active home sales worth more than the value of the home they are selling for. In November 2016, it took less than two months for every house listed in Charlotte, N.C., to sell. This suggests that the Charlotte real estate market will remain strong, even if the local economy will not be as hot in the future.

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The median house price in Charlotte is $233,118, suggesting that home prices in Charlotte are more than double the national average for the same time of year. The median price of a home in Charleston, South Carolina's second-largest city, is about $1,500, while the median price of a two-bedroom home in West Sugar Creek, where median prices are $229,900, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), is about $1,500. The median rent in Charlotte is $2,200, about half the national median rent of $3,000, while the average rent in the Charlotte subway station in North Carolina is about $1,500, about twice the U.S. average of about 2.5 percent.

In 2015, the median home price in Charlotte rose about 45.2%, from $172,000 to $249,707, according to the Zillow index. In fact, Charlotte is growing faster than other Carolinas cities, including Charleston, Durham and Rock Hill. While the median house price in North Carolina's second-largest city is $233,118 for a two-bedroom house, the average annual property valuation rate was about 2.5 percent, above the US average of 1.6 percent. Since 2010, when Charlotte was the second most expensive city in South Carolina in terms of home prices per square foot, real estate prices have increased by 64.39% over the same period, placing Charlotte in the top 10 in property values nationwide.

WalletHub and ranked Charlotte as one of the best real estate markets to grow in the U.S. in 2021. Charlotte's rapidly growing population and high property values are the main factors contributing to this impressive ranking. In fact, Charlotte is North Carolina's second most attractive city in terms of property prices per square foot, according to WalletHub, and the real estate market is the third most attractive with an average annual property valuation rate of 2.5 percent.

Whether you are a homebuyer or a real estate investor, Charlotte has the potential to be one of the most attractive cities in the US for homebuyers, according to, with more than 1.5 million residents and more than 3 million residents.

Home prices in Charlotte have risen 29.6% since the peak of the last housing cycle, and have increased nearly 58% in the past five years, according to In Charlotte, the rate of appreciation is so high that homes continue to rise in value faster than most communities, despite the nationwide downturn in housing markets.

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