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The Charlotte Food Bucket List for 2019 includes a list of restaurants, bars and dining experiences you want to try in 2019. If you are delayed on your trip to Charlotte, North Carolina or any other part of the state, do not blame us. The Charlotte Food Bucket List for 2019includes food, drinks, restaurants to visit and Queen Charlotte's best bars and restaurants for all things food.

The first place in our restaurant guide in Charlotte is Food Hall, and it is one of the best restaurants in SouthPark to dine at. Bill and Anita Greene, who also own Bill & Anita's Dining Hall, which is located in a converted barn in Banner Elk, have some of the best restaurants in North Carolina and the best food in the state.

The restaurant is committed to sourcing local ingredients, and for example, the mushroom toast ($13) uses mushrooms eaten in North Carolina and ground at Farm Sparrow Mill in Asheville. While you can look through a glass at the kitchen and the commissariat of the French bakery Amelie French Bakery, you will find pastries inspired by - scratch, French - pastries.

The fresh breads and pastries are among the best you can find in Charlotte, and the many salads and starters have a global flair. The things both visitors and Charlotte locals have to try are fried chicken ($10) and chicken and waffles, as well as hot dogs and burgers (both $7).

I would also definitely recommend visiting the various food trucks that offer food from all over the world, from the Mediterranean to Mexico. In this article, I will first detail some of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte, followed by a section on healthy eating. This guide is just one of the great things to do in Central North Carolina, so sign up for our daily Charlotte email here and be the first to get all the food, drink and fun in the Queen City!

If you prefer a newer, shinier place, check out some of the best new restaurants in Charlotte, but they must be open every six months or more and close on Sundays and Mondays. The dogwood menu is a blend of local ingredients from Mississippi Valley foods, such as sunburn, lobster, shrimp and grains. Come for the James Beard-nominated chef, and you'll find dishes inspired by the food industry, from smoked golf shrimp to smoked fish and shrimp to chicken and waffles.

Food Network's Guy Fieri raved about the fried pickles at Pinky's Westside Grill, and those who love pickled food will find some of the best olives and pickles in the country. Where to forget: If you like to pickle in Charlotte, you can find it here, but where else in North Carolina do you have to go?

The menu at the eatery is almost exclusively sourced from North Carolina, and the tasting menu includes options such as fried chicken, pork and beans. Then there's NC Red, where chef Clark Barlowe grabs the farm-to-fork 2.0 using ingredients that come mainly from North Carolina. With an ambitious menu that combines the best of the Charlotte food landscape and some of the state's best local ingredients, it's the perfect place to dine in Charlotte.

Uncle Donnie's famous black fowl is one of the most popular dishes on the restaurant's menu and they also serve eight other varieties to take home. From North Carolina pulled ribs to sauce ribs, there's a cue for anyone with a traditional side to pair with it. That's right up to a trio of cheeses from North Carolina and Georgia, covered in homemade mustard, pepper and jelly.

Haymaker is upscale and trendier than chef Andrew Dissen's other restaurants in Charlotte that fit the Uptown, but it's still North Carolina.

Most restaurants offer exotic and spicy seafood, including fried fish, oysters, crabs, shrimp and crab. Southern comfort cuisine is plentiful, and the Grit Buffet brings Charlotte's catering to the best breakfast. Johnny Q's is one of North Carolina's most popular restaurants with a wide variety of dishes, but it is the only one in the Uptown area with its own menu. The Charlotte food scene is brought right out of the heart of Charlotte, where the rich history and vibrant culture of the city lives on through food.

There are parking lots in Uptown, too, that you can have delivered to your office, with crispy fried prawns and spicy, peppery-dusted prawns. Stanley, a James Beard - nominated chef and co-owner - serves seasonal farm-driven plates at Stanley's, and he's one of the best in Charlotte.

Pull your lens closer to North Carolina and you'll hear about Kinston, where Vivian Howard's chef and farmer has captured national attention. Elizabeth Avenue in Charlotte has some interesting shops, including the easygoing Per Diem, a healthy vending machine and restaurant. Food Express (r) provides customers in Charlotte and North Charlotte with access to a wide range of food and services. The program, which is run in partnership with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Health and Social Services Department, provides residents with food and products.

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