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If you've forgotten April in North Carolina, spring is finally here and the flowers are finally blooming. The Southern Spring House and Garden Show offers a first glimpse into the season with a variety of plants, trees, flowers, plants and recycled materials to choose from. There will be a few, and bands from all over the region will play on three stages at the free festival. ParkA's Labor Day Weekend is dedicated to the decoration and reuse of recycled materials from the city of Charlotte and local artists.

More than 100 wines from 25 wineries are available for tasting as guests stroll along the waterfront and enjoy live music and interactive entertainment.

Of course, guests out of town can stay at one of Charlotte's premier hotels and enjoy a full day of dining, shopping, dining and entertainment. From networking events to live music, food trucks and more, Howl at the Moon will ensure guests have a good time.

Whether you're hosting a product launch soiree, fundraiser or gala, or bringing a nationally touring band along for an unforgettable rock concert, the EpiCenter venue can meet all your needs. The question is not whether the location is suitable for your event, but whether you want to host the event yourself. Discovery Place Science offers a unique and unforgettable experience for every event you imagine. Book your trip to be on the move - in the Charlotte event room at this location or book in advance.

There are a number of the following historic locations and award-winning restaurants in Charlotte that fit perfectly with your event strategy.

The Queen's Cup steeplechase at Mineral Springs also features some of the most athletic thoroughbred jockeys to cheer on in April. Whichever one you choose, you can ride and enjoy the beautiful views of the Northeast NC landscape. Entry to the North Carolina Zoo includes the greenest of all activities in April! The fun runs from 10 am to 2 pm and lasts until 30 April in the Natural History Museum of the municipality of Lotte-Mecklenburg Lake District.

If you want to bring the party to your guests, Howl at the Moon in Charlotte is for you! The fun never ends and the bar with full service ensures the flow of drinks and a good mood throughout the night. The terrace in Cedar Hill offers a beautiful, well-kept patio that offers incredible views of Uptown Charlotte. This large open space is equipped for a variety of events such as concerts, dance parties and other special events.

If you're not in the competitive mood, downtown is full of events and special offers for all pickles in April. Make yourself things like the annual Charlotte Pickleball Tournament, the largest pickleball tournament in the United States.

Visit to the NC Zoo on April 11-12: Tickets are $2.5 and admission also allows access to the Eggstravaganza. The children have lunch, do handicrafts and fun activities, have their photograph taken with the guest of honour and eat and drink. Painting children and meeting the Easter bunny are just some of the exciting side events at this fun event at the North Carolina Zoo in Charlotte, NC. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children, but admission is free for children 12 and under and free for children 5 and under.

Space is limited and tickets can be purchased at the North Carolina Zoo in Charlotte, NC, beginning November 1 by clicking here. Tickets can also be purchased online or in person at the NC Zoo's sales points.

Waiting times are scheduled for top golf courses in Charlotte, NC, and the North Carolina Zoo. A popular time is how busy top golf Charlotte is at different times of the week.

Oskar Blues will be one of the breweries you can try at Moo Brew, and Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe Manteo are just two of the many breweries you should visit during NC Beer Month. There are so many going on that we had to limit them to 31 funny things we had to do in North Carolina in April. To keep the organisation going, we have organised the events until April by start date, alphabetically by city if several have to go.

If you like the queue, make sure you like us on Facebook - until you see it every week, and keep up with your favorite food trucks. Invite your family and friends to join you on an April 14 nature hike at North Carolina State Park in Asheville, NC.

If you want to take a step back and have a stress-free party, go to NODA for a free beer, wine and food. If you've tried some of the best restaurants in town, what else is there to do? Staff are fed up with bowling and go-karts, so you should grab some food, right?

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