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The weather is mild in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it is one of the best places to live in the US, which is why so many have moved to the Queen City. Known for its beautiful architecture, good food and great culture, Charlotte has become a popular destination for migrants from all over the country.

With neighborhoods in areas like Charlotte - Mecklenburg, Charlotte North Carolina and Raleigh - Charlotte converging, it's no wonder that single young couples and families are moving to Charlotte at a rapid pace. The two NC cities are growing fastest in the country, and 70% of all people have moved to Raleigh, which now has 470,000 residents, making it the second-largest city in NC after Charlotte.

Lotte's median income has risen significantly over the past decade, in part because the metro region has one of the highest median household incomes in the country and the second-highest in North Carolina. The cost of utilities in Charlotte is 14 percent below the national average, contributing to the city's low unemployment and poverty rates and low crime rate.

Whether you want to barbecue, visit one of Charlotte's many museums or take part in some funky attractions, Charlotte has it all. Whether you're a foodie, a grill fan or just an occasional eater, Charlotte won't go hungry.

Charlotte, NC is full of activities to do, from exploring different neighborhoods to visiting one of the city's many museums, museums and other unique attractions. When you move to Charlotte, you'll find great concerts all year round, from small festivals to big events like the annual Charlotte Music Festival. Sprint Cup Series races are held at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Charlotte International Raceway, as well as a variety of other events. The best and most unique things you can do around Charlotte North Carolina with the help of our guide to some of the best restaurants, bars, restaurants and hotels in Charlotte.

If the beach is more your style, Lake Norman is 25 minutes north of Charlotte and home to some of the finest beaches in North Carolina as well as some great golf courses. Although it is located in southeast North Charlotte, the short drive to Asheville, South Carolina, is full of great golf courses to play in the area and more to do. The fact that you are so close to South Carolina gives you the opportunity to play some courses in that state as well. You can also be sure to learn more about schools in Charlotte, as the Great Schools Niche website gives you a great overview of all schools in the city, from high schools and colleges to private schools and public schools.

Neighborhood Scout says Charlotte is one of the most crime-ridden cities in North Carolina, compared to communities of every size in the country. To get a deeper insight into crime rates in Charlotte, you can take a look at the crime statistics of the Charlotte - Mecklenburg Police Department.

Charlotte may never be able to live up to Austin's status, but we think that is a level Charlotte should aspire to. Learn more about how to develop Lotte's economy, one small business at a time. Click through the topics below to discover why Charlotte is such a great place to start and grow your business. Visit Charlotte Works online at http: / / / for more information about Charlotte's work.

The mission of the Levine Museum is to engage a broad audience in exploring and appreciating the South and the Civil War, with a focus on Charlotte and the surrounding Carolina Piedmont. The centre is located in a cultural and art district and hosts events, exhibitions and events for the public as well as educational programmes for children and adults. Qnotes focuses on using it as a platform for arts and entertainment news and viewing content in print and online to inform and engage readers directly about LGBT life and social justice.

The Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill area, commonly known as the Triangle, is a well-known center for art and culture in itself, with a number of well-known centers for cultural and educational institutions. North Carolina has two nationally recognized medical schools, the University of South Carolina and UNC - Charlotte, and the population has high educational attainment, while the city of Charlotte and its suburbs, such as Charlotte - Mecklenburg County, have hosted the universities of UNC and Duke University, and UNC Wilmington, which houses the United States Naval Laboratory and a large research center.

Here in Charlotte, N.C., as one of the neighborhoods, the artistic fabric of our city is woven. The great neighborhoods of Charlotte include Uptown (also known as Downtown Charlotte) and Gastonia, which is in the heart of downtown Charlotte and offers something different, being close to the lake and mountains and contradicting the city's central business district.

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